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Situated on 43 acres of farmland in the heart of York County, PA, Glenn Hope Care Farm produces high quality, nutrient dense food. Our organic and sustainable farming methods maximize natural, renewable and on-farm inputs, yielding food of consistent high quality for the surrounding community.

This third-generation family owned and operated farm knows the value of community and supports the notion of “locally grown to support the local market”.

On THe Farm

As a veteran operated farm, we understand the value of community, legacy, and honoring our veterans.

At Glenn Hope Care Farm, we provide nutritious and flavorful food for York County and surrounding areas. Our produce, free-range eggs, poultry, and grass-fed beef yield consistently high-quality food for many local restaurants and farmers markets. In addition to providing quality food, we also provide camaraderie for returning military veterans. Veterans face the challenge of reentering the workforce, through our employment program, we provide a space for them to learn and work on a highly productive team.

About The Farmer

I am a United States Marine Corps veteran who holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Master’s degree in Kinesiology. I currently work in the mental health field and in 2018 I transitioned our family farm into a non-profit to support the physical and mental health of local veterans.

As the founder and director of Glenn Hope Care Farm, my goal was to bridge the gap between health care and natural healing environments. We embrace “Green Care” philosophies on the farm, which is a term that is used to describe psychological, educational and physical interventions that involve using plants, animals and a nature environment to heal the human mind, body and spirit. At the same time that I found Glenn Hope Care Farm, I concurrently founded Glenn Hope Agricare which is our for-profit entity that focuses on farming operations and production.

The birth of Glenn Hope was necessary in order to bring something to the community that we needed but did not yet exist. It was on my heart to bring to the community a place where people could heal- where humility and living relationally was the primary focus. For so long in our society we have dehumanized business and namely “health care,” with our focus misplaced on numbers, census and productivity.

As human beings we bond not because of numbers but because of trust, empathy, loyalty and true concern for our fellow people. My prayer is that Glenn Hope become the hub of hope, humility and healing.


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