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Situated on 43 acres of farmland in the heart of York County, PA, Glenn Hope Care Farm offers on farm activities to veterans and their families, including horticulture therapy, animal husbandry, submersion in nature, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, agricultural classes and special events.  New for this year, in partnership with the PA department of Education and the VA OJT Apprenticeship program, we are able to offer one Veteran a paid apprenticeship position. We are excited to support a veteran and his family in this way.  Everything grown and produced on the farm is done so by the veterans, owner and operator, USMC veteran Aimee J. Morris, her father, and volunteers. A portion of the food produced on the farm is donated to Veterans, their families, Veteran Organizations and other Veteran causes.

This family-owned farm, founded over sixty years ago by Aimee’s grandfather, WWII veteran, Glenn F. Cunningham Sr., is deeply rooted in tradition but embraces innovation as well.

As a veteran operated farm, we understand the value of community, legacy, and honoring our veterans.

Glenn Hope Care Farm, provides nutritious and flavorful food for York County and surrounding areas. Our produce, free-range eggs, poultry, pastured pork, and grass-fed beef yield consistently high-quality food for the local community. In addition to providing quality food, we also provide camaraderie for military veterans. Veterans face many challenges, but through our on -farm activities and community outreach we provide the support that is so needed.

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Aimee is a United States Marine Corps veteran who holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Masters degree in Kinesiology. She is currently work in the mental health field and in 2018 she transitioned their family farm into a non-profit to support the physical and mental health of local veterans. Following in her grandfather’s footsteps, Aimee served her country as member of the armed forces and continues to do so as part of the less than 2% of Americans who call themselves farmers.

As the founder and director of Glenn Hope Care Farm, her goal was to bridge the gap between health care and natural healing environments. Glenn Hope embraces “Green Care” philosophies, which is a term that is used to describe psychological, educational and physical interventions that involve using plants, animals and a nature environment to heal the human mind, body and spirit. As Glenn Hope Care Farm was being established, Aimee concurrently formed a for-profit entity, Glenn Hope Agricare LLC. which focuses on farming operations and production to help sustain the nonprofits endeavors.

The establishment of Glenn Hope was a way to not only honor Glenn F. Cunningham Sr. but a means to continue to honor and serve the veterans of our community. The birth of Glenn Hope was necessary in order to bring something to the community that we needed but did not yet exist. It was laid on Aimee’s heart to bring a place where people could heal- where humility and living relationally was the primary focus. For so long in our society we have dehumanized business and namely “health care,” with our focus misplaced on numbers, census and productivity.

As human beings we bond not because of numbers but because of trust, empathy, loyalty and true concern for our fellow people. The constant prayer is that Glenn Hope become the hub of hope, humility and healing. Glenn Hope Care Farm is a tribute to Glenn F. Cunningham Sr. for his service to country, his family and the patriotism that proud wore on his chest until his passing in July of 2015.


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